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If you are from Southern Africa, you will need no introduction to this delicacy which we were all brought up with and consider a staple food. However, for those of you who have not tried this product before – let me explain.

Biltong is cured, dried meat, mostly made from beef (game is also used). This technique of meat preservation has been used for centuries to keep meat unspoilt during long voyages. This technique was refined and eventually evolved into ‘biltong’, a word derived from the Dutch language and still used as an ideal snack when travelling. Biltong is naturally gluten-free, low in fat and high in protein. An ideal post-workout snack, banting or paleo diets.

"Just had some of your biltong and it's really good. Baie lekker. Thanks. Will be sure to order some wors next for sure."
"Best boerewors I've had since I left South Africa 17 years ago."
"The  Biltong was outstanding beautifully packed exactly as I order and arrived by very reliable courier service. A little gift of dry worse was lovely as well . The best biltong I had in Uk well done! "
"Best Biltong I've tried outside of SA! Quick and friendly delivery to my door and incredible price! Genuinely amazing flavour and quality! Order now! You won't be disappointed! "
"Had our biltong delivered today.. delicious! really tasty, would certainly recommend"
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